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2017:  Graduate of the Great Story Mastery Program

This 10-month program focuses on Emotional Fluency and Fitness; Ego Development, Wounding and Healing; and Evoking The Sacred.

2016:  Graduate of the Great Story Coaching Program


This 8-month program teaches a step‐by‐step process to explore your life story, reveal the deeper meaning of your life circumstances, triumph over struggle and striving, and embrace the gifts that are yours to claim.

2013:  Graduate of the Co-Active® Leadership Program


This 10-month leadership development program empowers you to recognize your capacity to lead in all areas of your life. Designed to identify and break through self-perceived limits, and to uncover, deepen, and build on your natural strengths as a leader.




2012:  Graduate of the Self-Expression and Leadership Program


This 4-month program trains you in how to expand capacity for leadership, to refine and broaden your impact, and to express yourself fully in order to make a difference in both your life and with others.




2011/12:  Certified Graduate of CTI's Certification Program and Core Courses


This 12-month program is recognized as the most rigorous coach training program in the industry and has set the standard for quality, global recognition, college equivalence and scientific efficacy. 












Manager of Training and Development for ReUp Education's Learner Services Coaching Team


Leadership Team Coach for the Great Story Coaching Program.



Co-leader of a yearlong International Mastermind Group for 18 Leaders.



Co-leader of: “Shifting Your Story: Authoring The Life You Truly Want."



Co-leader of: “Empowered Boundaries” & “Lifting Resonance With Mindfulness And Story,” in Tulum, Mexico.



Co-leader for Oakland Museum: Trans* & LGBTQI Employer Ally Training.



Co-leader for Spirit Rock Meditation Center: Trans* Ally Staff Training.



Co-leader for East Bay Meditation Center: Trans* Ally Staff Training.



Co-leader of a 7-week live online course: “The Art Of Flow: Live Powerfully, Create Ease & Cultivate Joy.”



Co-leader of: “The Art of Connection,” in Canada.



Speaker for Lesbians Who Tech: “Fish Bowl Career & Life Coaching.”



Co-leader for J.F.K University, Counseling Program: LGBTQI Trans* Ally Training.



Career Coach for SF LGBT Center Career Fair.



Co-Leader for Seattle Gender Odyssey International Conference: “Creating Your Best Life.”



Co-leader for SF LGBT Center:  “Resonant Perspectives – An Expansive Look At Gender.”





Learn more about my professional experience prior to coaching, check out my LinkedIn profile



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