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Lily Williams


"I've worked with Kris, off and on for 5 years, through a life-threatening diagnosis and complete lifestyle overhaul, through the birth, joys and challenges of a *spirited* daughter, through the death of a beloved mother and through the transition of moving to Boston to complete my Masters at Harvard. Kris also helped my partner and I through couples work and we felt a shift after our first session. Kris' way of being with people, is a power in and of itself. He brings exceptional skills, tools and approaches (plus qualifications up the wazoo).  He's also hilarious and light at all the right moments. His energy of love and passion hold the difficult conversations in such a way, that it is impossible to remain stuck. He creates a foundation for continual movement toward change, growth and lightness."








Meg Allen 

Producer, Photographer


"Kris is a very skilled guide who has been essential in helping me cut through the jungle of bullshit I've been stuck in.  I was at a crossroads professionally and creatively, and having a hard time accessing what my next venture would be and how I would get there.  I was scared to dive into what was holding me back but I also knew that there HAD to be a better way to get to what I'm passionate about and what fuels me.  My first meeting with Kris, opened up hope and greater access to my creativity.   In only 3 months, I clarified my next big endeavor and got a plan together.  Kris brings a slew of tools and encouragement, and you will see what I mean in just one session."

Nicole Huguenin

Entrepreneur & Community Investor

"Kris is of the highest caliber. His approach is personable, professional and most of all empowering. Through working with Kris, I learned how to manage triggers, come into my own, and trust my intuition. I created a life of balance and self-expression, leaving a stressful job, moving out of the city, delving into a new career. I highly recommend him if you are in the business of being your best self in all areas of your life."

Morgan L. 

Millennial Musician

  of Trans* Experience

"In ​the relatively short time that I worked with Kris, he helped me change the way I think about myself and the world around me. It was exactly what I needed to move into a healthier phase of life. Kris does such a great job of asking thought-provoking questions that really get to the deeper meaning behind the things that you do and say. He provided a safe space for me to look at personal challenges and he helped me pull out all of the qualities that I had been searching for, that were already inside of me. After our conversations, I always felt refreshed with a new sense of confidence knowing that I had all the tools that I needed to conquer what was ahead."

Cheyenne Purrington

Chief Portfolio Officer

Community Housing


"Kris has an incredible, natural gift and brought a rare finesse to the work of creating cohesion and happiness in my life. He’s inquisitive, insightful, and compassionate, a combination that creates a deeply meaningful process and leads to real life change. You deserve to work with Kris."

Negarra A. Kudumo

Essayist, Curator, Healer

Kris is brilliant! A consummate professional whose boundaries are porous enough to navigate the emotions that run high during any session, but firm enough to keep the session on track. Kris keeps his clients in the present, focused on unpacking the behaviors that no longer serve them. Growth is inevitable with Kris and you will be all the better for it. Onward and upward!









Truett Petty 

Senior Producer, Horizon Media


"Kris is absolutely amazing. I've been talking with him just over a year now. He has helped me work through so many issues on such a deep level I cannot even explain how helpful he has been in so many areas of my life.  He has an insane empathetic ability to get to the root of what you are saying. He provides amazing resources, both during and outside of our talks.  I have never left a session with him without thinking, "Wow! That was incredible and I just learned/grew so much."  Not to mention, your intro session is complimentary and comes with no pressure to keep going, so why wait!"

Valerie Taormina

Somatic Coach and Yoga Teacher

"Kris has an amazing ability to ask questions that help you tap into your intuition and heart's desires-not what society or the chatter of your mind wants from you. He helped me fully step into my purpose and the work I love. I recommend Kris to anyone ready to leap beyond their comfort zone and create the life they truly want."

Jordan Wellwood

Project Director

The Nature Conservancy

"Kris has a positive outlook that is contagious and inspiring. He is thoughtful and talented, and I would recommend him for anyone who wants to  grow in their personal life or advance their career."​


Yael Martinez


"Kris is an insightful and intuitive coach! Kris was able to guide me through a big life transition with immense support and love. I walked away with practical tools and inspiration."​

Marisa Phillips


"A series of events have led me to a time in my life where I've needed to reflect and regroup. Kris' insights and thoughtful feedback have been so incredibly helpful for me on my journey. I would absolutely recommend him in whatever arena that you may need a kind, compassionate and wise person to guide you."​

Dr. Tone Rawlings

Environmental Science Teacher & Artist

"Hands down I recommend Kris. He is a skillful guide with powerful questions that broadened my thinking about the obstacles blocking me. I use the tools I've learned everyday, especially at work.  My sessions always revealed something that was hidden and provided practical ways to be present in my process. The best part is that he is tremendously thoughtful, he has an awesome disposition and his kindness and genuine love of helping people walk their own path is present in every moment you spend with him."

Rukiya L, Lee

E-Business System Consultant

Wells Fargo

"I can truly, from my deepest of heart, say that Kris is a pointed healer who has helped me immensely on my path to health, self-acceptance and most importantly self-truth. He's served as a guide, a mentor, a sympathetic ear and a partner in revelation of all that is possible within and all that is available from all that is. Kris adeptly aides in navigating the difficult pieces, with a keen eye on the ultimate destination and getting the client there. The work is profound and life-changing and is a remarkably  powerful tool to have in the kit."










Shannon Westberg

Operations Trainer, Good Eggs


"Kris is like magic. He brings it to each session, while simultaneously encouraging your own version of "magic" to grow and shine.  He listens in a way that honors, challenges, and nurtures your growth.  I worked with Kris for a year, and grew in ways that were out of this world!  It's a relationship unlike any that I've known, and it had me feel unstoppable. Kris always held my vision and helped me re-focus when I got stuck. 

Bottom line, Kris was a phenomenal blessing. When choosing the people to walk with on the journey forward, Kris always makes my list. Hire Kris."

Alex Ricci

Pilates Instructor

UCSF Medical Center

"I will be honest, initially I was trepidatious about the idea of discussing my big career & geographic change with a stranger. Turns out, I got lucky! Kris is extremely down to earth, knowledgeable, clearly loves this work, and comes from such a positive place, which is crucial. The sessions are SO helpful each week and definitely keep me focused and on track. Also, everything can be done over the phone, which is super convenient! If you are interested in finally laying your ideas out on the table with an honest, highly experienced and knowledgeable person, Kris Gleason is the BEST CHOICE hands down."​

Kathlyne Park

Attorney,Content Marketer

"I highly recommend Kris Gleason to anyone looking to make a life change.  He's amazing - patient, intuitive, and most of all encouraging.  He's been my biggest cheerleader in my journey towards a new career and a new life.  He's helped me draw a road map and piecemeal easy-steps towards my goals.  All along, he's highlighted how the journey can be fun and enjoyable!  Something that I often forget in the flurry of getting to Point B from Point A.  Sometimes, that path is circuitous but if you have someone like Kris in your corner you'll be in for an amazing and fulfilling journey."

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